Kristie Pennington is the executive producer, writer, and director of Dates (The Series). She thinks Jim and Pam are the cutest couple to ever appear on television and firmly believes that Ross and Rachael were indeed on a break.

She has appeared in over twenty stage productions and four films as an actress, dancer, and vocalist. She has spent countless hours as a film editor, behind the camera as Director of Photography and has produced two short films. Kristie also has a background in writing and performing stand-up and sketch comedy. She was a finalist in Houston’s Funniest Person Contest, which can mostly be accredited to being raised by a funny, single mom and her family supporting her honesty on stage.

She is the voice of thirty Voji responses for WhatsApp, radio ads, video games, Caalo Xan Sci-Fi podcast and animated films. Her favorite sound in the world is laughter and running water while hands are being washed, as she has an extreme phobia of germs.

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I am a voice-over actor who has experience recording for video games with one of the leading game builders in the industry, animation, radio and TV ads, testimonials, on-hold phone prompts, voice-mail greetings, IVR, tutorials, narration, smart phone apps, websites and instructional videos.

I have a very versatile voice consisting of age ranges from child to old woman and somewhere in between, many accents and I love using my voice for promotion and entertainment. I conduct myself as a true professional and I love what I do! I understand the video editing process, so I am able to accommodate clients with their needs by offering recordings in separate files or giving the proper amount of spacing between recordings on one track.

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